America Under Siege – Patriot’s Response

Received a request this morning, 14 March 2017, for a donation to the attached organization…honorable as this movement may be, my response is as follows…

Kris, As a former Marine Infantryman (NCO) with the 1st Marines and as a retired 31-year veteran of the Houston PD, I truly appreciate your organization and its efforts – but – all of the “money” in the World is not going to counter the infusion of the godless, destructive, ideology that has so thoroughly permeated our America – we are on a straight-line path to implosion. Our democratic experiment, our Constitutional Republic, cannot sustain itself with half of our population worshiping at the throne of Moral Relativism – it won’t work!

The only option I support is an “in your face” American Patriot revolt – there are no other viable options. The Socialists that are seeking to destroy our Nation will understand nothing less than direct confrontation and an ultimatum to cease and desist or civil war.

Government sanctioned abortion; rampant and protected homosexuality; unencumbered entitlements; open borders – mass immigration; out of control national deficit; full-frontal assaults on our President by the Socialist-Left; explosive crime rates and abuse in our municipalities; a hatred for our Lord Jesus Christ and Christians; rampant atheism/Socialism; an entire generation of useless American’s called Millennial’s; the systematic brain-washing of our children from elementary to the university level by Socialist teachers and professors; Political Correctness gone mad – these destructive social constructs must STOP!

I’m getting older, sixty in April, I’ve maintained a very good physical conditioning my entire life and these next few years may be my only opportunity to stand for my America – it will be a privilege to die for Her if necessary – but if America’s men don’t stand for our Nation now – it may already be too late…we need coordination, we need direction, we need leadership – America’s men had better act now or our Nation will never recover and our posterity will suffer immensely as America falls prey to and is consumed by Socialism and ultimately Communism.



Your organization is worthy of praise, but it’s too little too late…


With all sincerity,

Rick Holtsclaw

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