America’s Femi-Nazi’s and Their Godless Agenda (warning – graphic photos)

In response to article:

Alyssa Milano: Up to Women to ‘Remove’ Trump from Office

Response to article by Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired,

Yes Feminist…refuse to concede to Genesis 3:16b, but you do so with futility and foolishness and at your own peril. How twisted is the mind of a Leftist Woman who demands the “protected class” status of Womanhood but has not a clue about her most precious and innate gift…Motherhood.



The truth about the vile, confused, deceived, Feminist-Socialist-Left-Democrat movement – the anti-Trump protests of hate is a masking of their demands and perceived “entitlement” to murder their children at any stage of pregnancy via burning, mutilating, dismembering, torturing their own precious babies in the name of the god of “convenience” via the tenets of Moral Relativism i.e. hedonism, narcissism, arrogance and selfishness. Don’t be deceived, the entire Nazi-Feminist-Socialist agenda is wholly undergirded by the radical Abortion on Demand and LGBTQ movement in America – mostly funded by the Billionaire Socialist – George Soros.  A radical, Morally Relativistic agenda that espouses a visceral hatred for the United States and seeks to destroy the foundation of America’s Constitutional Republic.



Abortion, via Roe v. Wade (1973), is an unconstitutional denial of our children’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment “due process” protections and our Federal Government has, since 1973, entered into a criminal conspiratorial relationship with a mommy and her abortionist to murder, to torture, 60-million American Children…and we wonder why America’s populous is so confused that we can no longer differentiate between male and female and we’re unable to select the correct bathroom in which to urinate!


gender identity
31-sexual identities comprise the “confusion” of what has been called “The Gay Lifestyle” of the LGBTQ Community.  An embarrassment and a shame to any people…behavior that is indicative of mental illness and rebellion – yet our Judicial Branch, our Federal Government has attempted to legitimize this perversion via legislation (Obergefell v. Hodges  2015)
The very same year the US Supreme Court authorized abortion on demand…coincidence? I Think Not!

The innocent blood or our children cries from the defiled ground to their Creator for recompense and judgment, while our men and women, so very confused, defile themselves through homosexual/lesbian relationships while others in the vile Transsexual Community make a frantic and confused attempt to decide which of the current 31-gender classifications they identify with.

planned parenthood truth

America has become so “conditioned,” via Hollywood, Politics and social media, to the vile and destructive demands of the Femi-Nazi’s and the LGBTQ sexual perverts that we bury our head in the sands of complacency while our America is flushed down the toilet of Political Correctness under the auspices of Moral Relativism and cowardliness. A morally sick and depraved United States…a Nation that is on life-support aboard a sinking moral-less Titanic that we naively believe is unsinkable…yes Alyssa, demand your right to kill your child and spit in the face of President Trump…yes Alyssa, Jesus Christ is offended and Hades ain’t half full yet!  America – LGBTQ IS A MENTAL ILLNESS AND WORTHY OF COMPASSION – STOP SEEKING LEGITIMIZATION OF THIS DEATHSTYLE VIA LEGISLATION! RADICAL FEMINISM – LGBTQ PERVERSION IS DESTROYING OUR NATION – PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS AND SEEK THE ONLY CURE – The Lord Jesus Christ and His Righteousness – the venerable Foundation of America!



Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


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