Illegal Motor Vehicle NOISE – A Sound Solution!


Afters years and years and years of fighting the unencumbered operation of illegally LOUD/illegally equipped/illegally polluting motor vehicles on our public roadways I had “incorrectly” preached and insisted that the Federal Courts would ultimately be our source of intercession, protection – “the solution.” I was self-deceived and completely wrong…for this I sincerely apologize! (Holtsclaw v. Sanders et al – 2016)

1) The Courts care nothing for our protection…they refuse to intercede even in the face of stark, undeniable, government corruption by municipal officials and their respective police chief relevant to unregulated motorcycle rallies for profit. (Article 1 and Video #4 & #5 below)

2) Our State officials care nothing about our protection…it’s all about the money! (Video #5 below) This, while our most innocent suffer from the illegal, unencumbered operation of illegally equipped/illegally LOUD motor vehicles on our public roadways.

3) Our Local officials care nothing about our protection…they prostitute themselves for the revenue generated by the Loud Motorcycle Cult[ure], especially relevant to unregulated motorcycle rallies (video #4 below); this, while the most innocent within their jurisdiction suffer!

4) Our police care nothing about our protection and have refused to protect the vehicular noise beleaguered citizen for four-decades! Our police have compromised their oath of office and their integrity by participating in the illegal conduct of operating an illegally LOUD motor vehicle on our public roadways and using same as an instrument of audible assault on our most innocent – the very citizens they swore to protect and serve!

5) An overwhelming number of the American populous has become so “conditioned” to intrusive, dangerous, illegal motor vehicle noise and unhealthy particulate emissions; this, as a result of law enforcement nonfeasance, that these naive citizens fail to comprehend the medically documented physiological, psychological injurious affects of this pervasive, illegal, unregulated motor vehicle NOISE – especially relevant concerning our most innocent yet NOTHING is done – there is “money” and “profit” associated with the illegal behavior and our police and our elected officials deny us the protective intent of the well-established law and compromise their oath of office and their integrity with this antisocial faction for profit!  This is unacceptable!  This is unconstitutional!

6) President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence promised to enforce the rule for law and emphasis was placed on the importance of that rule of law relevant to the original intent of the United States Constitution.  President Trump and Vice President Pence, I believe that you will keep your word to the American People!

It is our most innocent who will ultimately prevail if men and women of courage and tenacity will implement the “Sound Solution” articulated within this article and remember – it is the first and foremost responsibility of our Government to provide them protection – it is the Government that has completely failed to intercede on behalf of the vehicular noise beleaguered citizen for four-decades – unregulated motor vehicle noise has become the #1 destroyer of good daily quality of life standards for many millions of American Citizens, especially those living in our congested urban areas – Please help me help them – STOP THE ILLEGAL VEHICULAR NOISE INSANITY AND MADNESS ON OUR PUBLIC ROADWAYS IN AMERICA!!!

child holding ears loud motorcycle croppedlittle girl at the 2016 steel horse rally

A Request of the Vehicular Noise Beleaguered American Citizen

If you, the motor vehicle noise beleaguered American Citizen are truly sick and tired of having your quality of life destroyed and your health and welfare unnecessarily endangered by the illegal, selfish, irresponsible, narcissistic, purveyors of illegally LOUD/illegally polluting/illegally equipped motor vehicles operating, for all intent and purpose, completely unencumbered on our public roadways…please forward this proposed Federal Muffler Mandate to your Federal representatives. Please emphasize your support for the initiative; after all, it’s our children/our posterity – their health and welfare that weighs in the balance. It’s up to YOU!!!  Please remember, it is our children, our handicapped and our elderly that are most negatively physiologically and psychologically affected by unregulated motor vehicle noise and particulates emissions – they deserve better and our Government/our law enforcement community has completely neglected them!  Let’s do something to correct this unacceptable scenario! Please get involved…



The ONLY Viable Solution

Viable Solution: A Federal Muffler Statute – “One Law/One Muffler”

1) Federally Mandated muffler specifications for motorcycles, auto’s and trucks. Currently, the US EPA regulates medium-heavy duty trucks and motorcycle noise emissions – no changes necessary under the new Federal muffler mandate except the inclusion of automobiles.

2) Use of current SAE J331a testing parameters for all road use motorcycles and trucks…this is applicable to auto’s as well though automobile noise emissions are not currently regulated via the Code of Federal Regulations.

3) Federal Law disposes of 49-State Laws and hundreds of municipal muffler ordinances/statutes responsible for non-enforcement, confusion and Constitutionality concerns. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!  A National uniformity of standards, compliance, is necessary to stop the confusion as motor vehicle operators cross state lines or travel from one municipality to another and muffler laws change…stop the inconsistency!

4) US EPA approved, labeled, muffler is the only muffler acceptable for roadway use motorcycles in all 50-states…no exceptions! Mufflers for auto’s and trucks could also be labeled as well…much like motorcycles are currently via the Code of Federal Regulations – see photo below…

EPA muffler label

honda epa label on frame

5) Aftermarket industry can produce various styles of mufflers, but they must conform to labeling, noise and particulates requirements as per the US EPA. If effectively and rigorously enforced, the Federal Muffler Mandate will essentially police the illegal conspiratorial aftermarket motorcycle exhaust debacle e.g. no market for illegal exhausts = no production of illegal exhausts…only “compliant” mufflers will be sold for roadway use motor vehicles.

6) National database maintained for enforcement protocol and maintaining enforcement information for subsequent fines and impounding of offending vehicles. No need to create a new database per se…officers should be able to access the database directly from their patrol vehicles – easy entry/easy access – a simple confirmation via the database necessary for graduated scale of fines, bonds and impounding of offending vehicles.

7)Violations and Fines: First offense = $500.00 fine
Second offense = $1000.00 fine
Third offense and subsequent offenses = arrest of violator/bond made and impounding of offending vehicle until arrangements are made to return said vehicle to US EPA approved noise, particulate and labeling requirements/standards. National Federal Database will contain violator and vehicle information for all previous investigations; therefore, regardless of violator’s location – all previous investigative history will be documented and available for enhanced penalties and impounding of offending motor vehicle throughout the 50-States.

8) Fees/fines received for violations of Federal Muffler Law – – – one-half of the fine is kept by the applicable state, one-half of the fine is directed to the US Treasury to be forwarded to the US EPA to assist with expenditures related to muffler enforcement initiatives.

9) Regular enforcement criteria (semi-annually or annually) to be submitted by each State via the National Database relevant to enforcement criteria-statistics. Federal funds relevant to LE grants and certain infrastructure/roadway construction weigh in the balance for nonfeasance/non-enforcement/non-participation on the part of the States and local municipalities.

10) The National Muffler Law Mandate is financially self-supportive, requires very little “new” implementation as far as enforcement and logistics is concerned…a win-win and a viable solution, especially for the most innocent in American society.

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please help

the worst evil...

Thank you,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook and Noise Free America

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