Falling Stars: America’s Faltering Legacy

Falling Stars: America’s Faltering Legacy

In the 2016 Presidential Election, I voted for Donald J. Trump to represent me and my Nation as the President of the United States of America.  God Bless President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their Cabinet as they endeavor to “Make America Great Again.”  I personally want to thank Mr. Trump for his incredible courage and tenacity as he battled the Goliath of Government and the News Media and an incredible number of hateful foe, yet Mr. Trump was victorious and this victory came by the very hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The 2016 Presidential Election, perhaps more than anything else, focused a penetrating light on the tremendous moral and ethical and political ideological chasm existing within our Nation.

Our Federal Government myopically focuses on the ever-increasing threats outside our borders, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran – yet NO ONE seems to recognize or acknowledge the enemy within our borders, an enemy that is ruthless, tenacious, more powerful than all of the Nations combined that our leaders proclaim as a threat to our National Security. America, our enemy is not from without – our enemy is our hardened heart and our allegiance to the god of this world aptly named Satan – the great deceiver – regardless of President Trumps admirable endeavors to “Make America Great Again,” until we deal with matters of the heart, both individually and Nationally, we will consume ourselves in divisiveness.

America, look around you, look within you – do you see and sense the confusion, the lost-ness, the hopelessness?  America’s Democracy, from its founding and extending over the following 200-years, was a Nation whose government was based on the rule of law – that rule of law emanating from and defined by the Constitution of the United States.  The principles set forth by the Constitution derived their integrity, their relevance, from the Holy Scriptures as penned by the men who wrote those Scriptures as they were moved by the Holy Spirit of God.

America’s Democracy was founded on the rule of law emanating from the word of God – the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Democracy cannot exist apart from our obedience to God’s Laws.  America’s Democracy was built with God as its Architect and the pillars of our Democracy are dependent upon our obedience to our Lord, His Word and His Will.

Over the previous fifty-to-sixty-years, America has begun a systematic rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ – we removed our Lord from of our schools in 1962 and replaced Him in 1963 with the teaching of Evolutionary Theory; in 1973 we decided that our will was more relevant than God’s will and systematically began torturing, dismembering, burning to death our children in reverence for the god of “convenience” and “selfishness.”  Since the tragic, unconstitutional decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973, America – our Federal Government, has been a co-conspirator in the murder of 60-million American children.  Our Lord has clearly warned us that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

With our hands bloodied and our hearts hardened as a result of our rejection of God’s love, care, concern and leadership, Jesus Christ began to incrementally remove His hand of blessing, protection, provision, from America.  Christ has left us to our own devices – our own desires, to do the evil that so readily engulfs the human heart – our conscience has been seared; therefore, we have become calloused, hard-hearted, unloving, uncaring, angry, confused, insolent, disobedient, untrustworthy, defiled, murderous, scandalous, gossipers, haters of god, haters of good, inventors of evil, consumed with vile and destructive passions – and sadly, we’ve no one to blame but ourselves!

Evidence of our Lord’s absence in our daily affairs is seen in our Nation’s stark division – we are a fractured Nation along political, ethical, moral, religious ideologies – confusion abounds, hatred and violence is commonplace.  Rampant homosexuality, the pervasive, radical, immoral, destructive ideology of the LGBTQ movement throughout America is tell-tale sign of our Lord having distanced Himself and having removed His blessings of protection, provision and peace from our Land. (Romans 1:18-forward)

The solution?  God Bless Donald Trump for his sincere efforts to “Make America Great Again,” but sadly, secure borders, free trade, a strong military, higher employment statistics, will not make America great again without the loving compassion, protection, peace and provision of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please understand this most life changing truth – America’s Democratic experiment is wholly dependent upon an overwhelming number of American Citizens believing that…

  • God does exist and that He is the Creator of Mankind and all that we see and interact with.
  • That we are accountable for our behavior – that our behavior has consequences and that we will stand in judgment before a Holy, Just and Righteous God for what we have done during our stay here on Earth bound by the confines of time.

Without an overwhelming number of American Citizens having internalized these truths, America will never have sufficient numbers of police officers or prisons to “Make America Great Again.”  America can only be great when its Citizens choose good over evil – when America’s citizens choose to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  This simplistic, yet profound truism is only possible, on a National scale, when the peace and righteousness of our Lord is pervasive in the Land.

Therefore, Fathers and Mothers – learn of the Lord Jesus Christ, read His word – please pick up a copy of God’s love letter to you – open it up to the 4th Gospel in the New Testament.  Take approximately 40-minutes to one-hour out of your day, out of your life and read the Gospel of John.  Take your children and visit a local Christian Church that teaches the authority of Scripture – be very careful and be watchful for wolves in sheep’s clothing – personally, I find the Baptist Church to teach and preach the Lord’s word with accuracy, but please seek out a Christian ministry of your choosing and begin implanting the truths of God’s word into the hearts and minds of your children – if not, this lost and dying World will, most likely, consume and destroy them!  Fathers, our Lord, at your judgment, will hold you personally responsible for the spiritual integrity and welfare of the children He has entrusted into your care!

Finally, as long as our Nation, more specifically – our United States Federal Government, continues in its disobedience and rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ and His will, America will continue on the path to complete anarchy and ultimate implosion.  Our confusion, our hatred and divisiveness will increase exponentially and we will, much like Rome of antiquity, implode from our disobedience and our immorality…America will be relegated to a 3rd World status, both monetarily and militarily.

In closing…If President Trump and Vice President Pence truly want to make America Great Again – it is imperative that our Federal Government repeal Roe v. Wade (1973) and Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) (same sex marriage).  These destructive and vile Supreme Court Decisions are most egregious and literally spit in the face of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our Lord will not bless and prosper a Nation whose leadership is involved in infanticide and mocks His Holy Covenant of Marriage via the perversion of Same Sex Marriage legislation.

At the very minimum, these godless and unconstitutional Supreme Court Decisions must be repealed and their heretical cause of action be delegated to the individual States; thereby, allowing each State to decide in whom they will serve, the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness or Satan – the great deceiver.

My conscience is clear and I’ve done what the Lord has commanded.  Thank you!

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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