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Catalytic Converter Removal


Me, and my two riding buddies, just had our CC’s cut out by a guy out in west Houston, and he does a GREAT job. He does NOT cut the pipe in half…. This way, there is not fitment issues going back together (too short, or welded back at an angle)

He cuts a widown in the pipe, removes a section, and uses an air chizzle to get all the crap out…. Then welds the widow he cut out back on.

He does super clean work, and it takes about an hour. He charges $100, but don’t think if you bring him 10 he’ll cut you a deal, he won’t, we all 3 tried haha

It is $100 per pipe, take it or leave it. We are all 3 VERY happy with sound and performance after removal.

If you want his info, PM me, and I’ll send it your way.


Comment by Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired – Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

This illegal and irresponsible behavior is the resultant of decades of law enforcement nonfeasance and apathy as our police officers choose to ignore the exponential increase in illegally modified, illegally equipped, NOISE and particulate polluting motor vehicles on our public roadways. This is especially true for the Houston, Tx area where law enforcement participation in the operation of illegally loud motor vehicles is all too common and where LE biker clubs and gangs flourish…

lady holding ears

This particular Harley Forum post on the “Harley Davidson Forum” originates in west Houston where I policed, with fervor, the Loud Biker Cult[ure] who was successful in lying, threatening, obfuscating their way into the fearful, cowardly, Politically Correct, hearts and minds of Houston’s Mayor, Police Chief, Police Command Staff, Houston’s Municipal Court System and Houston’s City Legal Department – I was ashamed and embarrassed by Houston’s cowardliness and gutlessness as they refused to support my efforts to intercede on behalf of Houston’s vehicular NOISE beleaguered citizenry.  As a result, these hedonistic/narcissistic LOUD biker bullies continue to assault Houston’s most innocent while Houston/Harris County’s “Finest” not only looks the other way, but far too many participate in the illegal, disrespectful, behavior!

the worst evil...

If you’re truly interested in our health and welfare, our quality of life and our civil liberties, please tab on the link and read through the instructions by bikers in west Houston relevant to removing the catalytic converter on a Harley Davidson product that is to be operated on our public roadways.  Note: Know that ONE illegally modified catalytic converter on a large displacement V-twin motorcycle emits approximately the same amount of polluting particulants into our atmosphere as does ten (10) compliant compact automobiles.

little girl loud bikes

Bikers don’t remove or modify their catalytic convertors or mufflers for “performance” enhancement – these illegal  modifications are performed for one specific reason – TO MAKE ILLEGAL – LOUD – NOISE!  Face the facts, no one in their right mind purchases a Harley product for its performance capabilities – no folks, these modifications are all about making illegal, intrusive, irresponsible, dangerous, NOISE!

if it feels good do it biker creedchild holding ears loud motorcycle cropped

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Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

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