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8 January 2017: And a Good Sunday Morning to all…

My thoughts on this very cold, snowy road, rushed Sunday morning…a couple of evenings ago, I sat in front of the TV stunned as I witnessed an interview between Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) and two devout Communists discussing their concerns about a Fascist Trump regime…since when did we permit Communists to run free in our Nation spouting anti-American rhetoric with absolutely no fear of Government interest or reprisal?


This morning, I watched an interview between a Fox News host (Pete on Fox and Friends) and two psychologists/lawyers(?), one of which insisted that it was a Constitutional right/mandate (8th Amendment) that the State of California pay for the sex-change ($100.000.00) of a convicted murderer.


Then, a few minutes later, I watched as the same Fox News host interviewed a sociologist(?) who declared that America’s “birth rate” was the lowest it has been since 1937 and that the trend could have devastating effects on our economy and retirement beneficiaries – yet this discussion never pointed to the 60-million babies that have been murdered in America since Roe in 1973. Also, there was no mention of America’s futile attempt to legitimize anal/oral sex between men and oral copulation/cunnilingus between females via Same-Sex Marriage – a heretical usurping of God’s Holy Covenant of Marriage and, according to my college human biology class, Same-Sex unions will NOT result in procreation, thus furthering the decline of America’s birth rate.


Then I watched as the same Fox News Host and His fellow reporters showed Hollywood’s Elite lamenting the exodus of their god, Socialist/Muslim Barrack Obama…

Then I watched as Bernie Sanders, outspoken self proclaimed Socialist, was preparing to seek the Presidency in 2020…

Am I the only person on this Planet that sees our Nation under a curse and en route to the Pit of Hell?

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Have a great Sunday…

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

me at lubys

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