Liberalism – Stupidity or a Lack of Discernment? California & Child Prostitution

California Democrats legalize child prostitution


Serious Question…Is Liberalism the resultant of stupidity or is it simply a serious lack of discernment?

1) California Democrats have passed a law that decriminalizes the act of prostitution for juvenile females and males. Okay, I understand the argument that as a result of their “tolerance” and “compassion,” California’s Liberal-Democrats are outraged relevant to the stigma associated with the arrest and detainment of a young juvenile involved in the act of prostitution.

Question: If we decriminalize the act of prostitution for minors, how do we, as a society, protect these young people from the travesty/horrors of rape, sodomy, a plethora of associated diseases and far too often, a violent death e.g. homicide or suicide?

Government basically has two functions:
A) Protect those who do good…
B) Punish those who do evil…

…but the Liberal-Democrat Ideology: punish those who do good and protect those who do evil…

2) The Democrat-Socialist is the primary advocate of a woman’s “right to choose” what happens to “her” body as the result of a pregnancy. Again, we see the compassion and the tolerance of the Liberal void any semblance of wisdom and discernment. Where is the wisdom in placing priority on a mother’s body while denying the civil protections, the right to life, of the innocent child? Simply stated, does this not defy logic?


3) The Liberal is the first to speak-out for the “rights” of the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual-Queer (LGBTQ) population and the redefinition of Marriage. Advocating sexual perversion by the Liberal is done as an act of compassion and tolerance, believing that these individuals involved in sexual perversion are simply expressing who they are and what they were meant to be – that biology, genetics and our Creator has somehow “missed the mark” and made a mistake…yet this incomprehensible Liberal “compassion” ultimately results in a form of “cognitive dissonance” for the Liberal who desires to show compassion for the homosexual yet intuitively knows the personal and social destruction associated with the act of sexual perversion.


4) In 2016, Chicago suffered a record number of 762 deaths by homicide with approximately 80% of these murders occurring between Black males of rival gangs. Liberal Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, instead of taking appropriate action via aggressive gang task force units to quell the “mass murder” of his citizens, opts to hamstring the Chicago PD with Political Correctness by requiring an in-depth two page report for every interview/interaction between a Chicago Police Officer and a civilian.  The result?  Chicago’s Police have no desire to involve themselves in anything proactive. “Ain’t nobody ever got run off for doing nothing.”

Long story short – Liberalism is killing hundreds of Black males every year in Chicago and throughout the United States, yet Liberal Mayors, like Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel, are more concerned with the silly hypocritical mantra of Black Lives Matter, Sanctuary Cities and the ACLU than the citizenry they swore to protect and serve.  Simply Liberal madness!




When we read the bumper sticker mantra that “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” there is more truth to this statement than jest!


Personally, I believe the Liberal-Socialist-Democrat truly believes they are the keepers of social justice, social equity and fairness when in truth, they are the victims of cognitive dissonance and self-deception while foolishly destroying our youth and destroying the United States of America.



Proverbs 26:4 – “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.” Would King Solomon have considered this Proverb most appropriate for the Socialist-Democrat in America?

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Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


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