U.S. Democrat “Progressives” & Palestinian Refugees (Comparison-Contrast)

The American Left-Socialist-Democrat-Progressive, which is adequately represented within the Hollywood elite and like-minded music entertainment industry, can be compared/contrasted to the current and historical chasm existing between the “Palestinian refugees” and the Jewish State of Israel. Please permit me to explain…

Just as the Palestinian refugees possess a visceral HATRED for the democratic State of Israel, so does the American Socialist-Left (Progressives) possess a visceral HATRED for the democratic Republican Party with a special hatred for the Conservative Right – Christian, Evangelical Right.


The similarities continue in that both the Palestinian leadership and the American Socialist-Left-Democratic Party are touted in the mainstream media and within the propaganda of spin, “narrative of lies,” that these two political factions are “victims” who simply want diversity, inclusion, love and understanding….when, in truth, they are hateful, anti-Christ, divisive, destructive, murderous, replete with debauchery, and secretively want the complete and utter annihilation of their “adversaries.”

Know your enemy and respond appropriately. The Democratic – Socialist – Progressive Party of the United States must be labeled for what it has become – a “radical domestic terrorist organization” that seeks the destruction of American democratic values as articulated within the United States Constitution.  We fail when we cower to Political Correctness and subsequently refuse to identify the “enemy within” – a defiant and vulgar enemy that passionately seeks the destruction of our Nation.


Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


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