Pro-Life Advocates Refuse to Acknowledge the Enemy!

The following letter from Ward Ricker (Democrat), Human Rights for all Ages Coalition, is very telling relevant to exactly why our Nation has been morally, ethically, physiologically and psychologically crippled by the Evil One who seeks to kill, steal and destroy.  Mr. Ricker denies the spiritual component of the viscous warfare in which he seeks to engage while compromising with the Enemy of life who is destroying the soul of America on various fronts i.e. abortion, homosexuality, Political Correctness, Moral Relativism.

Mr. Ricker’s negligence and ignorance of the true Enemy of life is very telling and speaks volumes defining why America has become an embarrassingly weak, impotent, irrelevant, leader in World affairs – we continue in our refusal to identify our enemies as a result of our obsessive-compulsive adherence to Political Correctness; therefore, we lack the courage and resolve to destroy the One and those who seek to destroy us. My response to Mr. Ricker is subsequent to his letter.



Thank you for contacting me and sharing your response to VP Biden.
Apparently, however, you did not read my website very
thoroughly.  Your letter is right on and right to the point up until the
middle of the third paragraph where you start talking about “God’s
judgement” and “our Lord’s Covenant of Marriage”.  If you read you will understand my claim that we
need to remove religious claims from activism about abortion.  You will
never convince Mr. Biden or any of those “Democrat-Socialists” that abortion
needs to be ended that way — you will only convince them that it is a
religious matter, rather than one of life and death for innocent children.
(And those folks truly do believe in religious liberty.)

Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016 in Boston, about the White House’s cancer “moonshot” initiative ? a push to throw everything at finding a cure within five years. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Also, rather than disparaging “homosexuality and lesbianism” we need to
accept and support the rights of those people.  By doing so we show that we
actually care about people, so that when we talk about our concern over
dying children people will actually believe us. Also, we need every gay and
lesbian person to help us in the fight to end this violence against
children, not to alienate them and drive them to the other side.  Expressing
bigotry toward those whose sexual interests differ from those we might think
that they should have does not help the cause of the preborn.

While you speak out about the damage that the policies espoused by people
like Mr. Biden are doing to vulnerable children, I hope you will also be
honest and open-minded enough to see the damage that your own words and
attitudes are doing in helping to keep the killing going.  Will you be
courageous enough to take an honest look at what your own words and actions
are doing to promote the violence?

Ward Ricker
P.O. Box 50844
Eugene, OR  97405

Response to Mr. Ricker by Rickey D. Holtsclaw 12/22/16, (additions to narrative included)
Hello Ward,
Your good “intentions” to eradicate the plague of abortion from our national landscape will fail when you endeavor to extricate and refuse to acknowledge the very One who is the Giver of Live and has set forth the moral and ethical standards defining the value/sanctity of life, from the womb to the tomb.  You will fail and you will continue to fail as you employ secular tactics while confronting what is primarily a “spiritual battle,” not solely a secular one.
Second, confronting the LGBTQ plague in our Nation is also necessary because the horrifically destructive behavior rips the heart from a Nation and defiles that Nation’s morality, ethics, honor and integrity.  Understand that the evidence of rampant homosexual/lesbian behavior in a society is a tell-tale sign of our Lord having lifted His hand of blessing from a people and subsequently leaving them to their own devices – to do those things which are destructive, not only to the Nation as a whole, but self-destructive and defiling.  It is the same Enemy that wars against us on multiple fronts and you err when you fail to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as the ONLY viable solution to this spiritual warfare!
Warning – without the intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ in your efforts to confront the pro-choice faction destroying our society, you’re literally wasting your time and battling an Enemy that is infinitely smarter than you, infinitely stronger than you and a strategist that you are unable to challenge in your limited wit and in your deficient flesh.  Sorry to hear that you are compromising with a lost and aimless society, may my Lord, the God and sustainer of Life on Earth and in Eternity, be Glorified forever.
My letter to Vice President Joe Biden concerning the hypocrisy of the 2016 Cures Act:
But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.  Matthew 19:26
Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
me and cory flying

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