Houston PD – Liberalism – Shame and Embarrassment

“Cite and Release”: New Houston Police Chief Wants Fewer Trips to Jail


Comment to article published by the Houston Press from Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired…

As a retired 31-year veteran of the Houston PD with assignments in patrol, motorcycles and as a helicopter patrol pilot, I am not surprised in the least to see the City of Houston defer to a liberal minded – non-interventionist – non-proactive – Morally Relativistic ideological Police Chief. What?

Having joined the Houston PD in 1979, I had the opportunity to watch and observe as my Police Department was incrementally castrated by the slow and methodical infusion of left-leaning-liberal polices that filtered down from Mayoral hierarchies who were more concerned about Political Correctness and the LGBTQ agenda than enforcement of the rule of law and their responsibility to actually provide “protection” for the Citizens of Houston, Texas.

Houston has become a Socialist-Liberal stronghold that focuses on the ideological agenda espousing Moral Relativism, sexual perversion, a perverted sense of “personal freedoms” – all culminating in law enforcement protocol that rejects proactive policing e.g. aggressive law enforcement tactics designed to punish the wrong doer and provide protection for the citizenry.

Our government, local, state and federal, has two basic functions,

1) Provide protection services for those who do good, those who strive to be obedient to the rule of law, those who strive to do no harm. In other words, a citizen (the servant), whether they are aware of it or not, enters into a civil-reciprocal agreement with the government (the Sovereign). The servant agrees to set-aside certain natural rights for the common good – the welfare of the whole. The servant agrees to pay his/her taxes, obey the rule of law, strives to be a productive and contributing citizen.

The Sovereign, in return, agrees to provide “protection” for the servant, to ensure “domestic tranquility” – an environment conducive to the “pursuit of happiness” where the servant can pursue a productive and rewarding life and be afforded the opportunity to worship his/her God, love and cherish his/her family and pursue the American dream.

2) The second responsibility of government is to punish those who do evil.

Houston, like every other municipality or state government that has succumbed to the Socialist-Liberal-Democratic lie, has turned the basic responsibilities of government 180 degrees and now punishes or neglects those who do good and rewards or protects those who do evil.

As a Houston Police Officer, I was a type-A+++ patrol officer who loved “the job” and who, to this very day, bleeds blue if injured. I always strove for excellence and was generally at or near the top of the statistical data related to police patrol functions and responsibilities.

As the Socialist-Liberal-Democratic agenda permeated my beloved Police Department, I watched as police discretion, proactive law enforcement, dedication to the job and excellence in law enforcement took a backseat to Political Correctness, liability concerns, homosexual, trans-gendered and lesbian infusion into the ranks of the Police Department, the lowering of hiring standards, Affirmative Action mandates (reverse discrimination), a humiliating compromise with excellence in ethics and moral standards, slothfulness and laziness – all in the interest of filling the ranks with women, minorities, the sexually perverted.

the worst evil...

After years of harassment and non-support from a weak and pathetically impotent Police Chief and Command Staff, it became readily apparent that I could no longer be a “police officer” in the City of Houston; therefore, I opted to retire rather than put my very best on the line each and every day in service to a corrupt and pathetically cowardly City of Houston administration.


In closing, don’t be deceived into the thinking that Houston is NOT a sanctuary city.  Chief Acevedo knows better and I know better!  Also, regarding that large multi-purpose police helicopter purchase, considering the City of Houston is, at last report, somewhere in the vicinity of 12-Billion dollars in debt…that Helicopter may be nothing more than a pipe-dream void some serious Federal grant intervention.

Good luck City of Houston with your PC Police Chief – get used to it for the agenda of the perverse and the ethically and morally corrupt are firmly in control – May God have mercy on you – I loved you Houston and you failed me and every other dedicated law enforcement officer who wanted to serve and give their all for you.

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With a broken heart,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


2 thoughts on “Houston PD – Liberalism – Shame and Embarrassment

  1. Thank you Angie…law enforcement was my passion and my life’s pursuit since approximately three-years-old. It was incredibly heartbreaking to watch my beloved Department become a refuge of immorality, corruption and Political Correctness. It’s a daily burden and one that I will take to my grave because of my love and passion for “the job.” Thank you Angie for reading my articles and THANK YOU for your support! May God richly bless you and yours and may you have a fantastic Christmas and a blessed New Year.



    1. Thank you Rickey. I love reading your articles even though it is disheartening to see what the world is becoming. I still have faith in God and hope we can turn things around before it is too late. I read that Houston has a new prosecutor that will actually try to enforce the laws better than the outgoing person did. Maybe that’s a sign of things getting better there. I hope so. Anyway I hope you have a very nice quiet Christmas and also a blessed New Year too.


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