Satan v. Christ in Manassas, VA – Solution

Anti-religion banner posted next to nativity scene in a Manassas Park

Solution to the Darkness in Manassas, VA…

Hello Dr. Keith Savage and the staff of Manassas FBC,

I’ve been watching on Fox News as the “controversy” rages regarding the Atheist banner positioned next to the Nativity Scene in Manassas Park. May I offer a suggestion please?

Would you take the initiative to construct a poster or hard-display with two arrows, one pointing at the Nativity Scene of Jesus and one pointing at the Atheist’s banner. In the area between the two arrows or on the line of the arrows, articulate on the arrow pointing toward Jesus the fact that this is the way to everlasting life, peace, security, purpose and contentment. On the arrow pointing toward the Atheist banner, articulate this is the way to Hell, torment, self-destruction, self-deception, anguish, hopelessness. In large font in the middle of the two arrows place the words “Your Choice.” Let’s fight fire with “love and hope” and let’s use the enemies devices for good and glorify God. (No additional rhetoric needed)

Thank you,

Rick Holtsclaw

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