National News Agencies – A Reflection of America’s Deceived Populous

National News Agencies are simply a microcosm/representative of the citizenry within in a society, their ideology, their beliefs, their passions and their priorities.  I’ve turned three of the four major National News outlets off…I watch Fox News and carefully discern what I hear…it’s sad, but over one-half of our population has been slowly boiled in the pot of Socialism and Moral Relativism – they are literally brainwashed and have absolutely no idea what is required to sustain our Democracy, Capitalism, a thriving economy and most tragically, the necessity of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and His edicts.

National News in America is obsessed with delegitimizing President Trump at all cost – as they represent an overwhelming number of American Citizens who care nothing for economic recovery, secure borders, fair trade, a strong military – a majority of American Citizens reject Donald Trump because they are horrified at the thought of restraints on personal behavior – sexual perversion – the LGBTQ agenda – and the “right” to murder the unborn motivated by hedonism and narcissism…that’s simply the “truth” and our National News Agencies are willing to promulgate any lie, any obfuscation, any conspiracy to further the godless agenda of the Socialist Left!

The Moral Relativist, the Secular Humanist, the Socialist-Democrat fails to understand that the function of Government is basically two-fold:

  1. Protect the citizen that strives to be obedient to the rule of law, the moral law and makes every effort to do “good.”  I refer to this as a “civil-reciprocal agreement” or contract where the citizen (servant) pays his taxes, agrees to set aside certain natural rights in exchange for the common good and in return, the “Sovereign,” the State, the Federal Government, provides “protection” so that the citizen can enjoy “domestic tranquility” e.g. an environment conducive to productivity, the pursuit of happiness and the fulfillment of God’s will for one’s life.
  2. The second responsibility of Government is to punish those that endeavor to disobey the rule of law and pursue evil.

When Government endeavors to provide services above and beyond these basic functions, the Government becomes intrusive and meddling…this is counter-productive in a free society.

we the people

America, overwhelming obsessed and consumed and deceived by the ideologies of Socialism, Moral Relativism, Secular Humanism and the lie that “big” Government is “better” Government, fails to comprehend the truism that without a guiding moral entity, the Lord Jesus Christ, in our Society, a Society based on the rule of law that is undergirded by the United States Constitution, THERE ARE SIMPLY NOT SUFFICIENT NUMBERS OF POLICE OFFICERS, SECURITY PERSONNEL, SECURITY CAMERAS, MILITARY PERSONNEL TO CONTROL THE DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR THAT FREELY FLOWS FROM AN UNRESTRAINED HUMAN HEART!


The Socialist-Democratic Party has essentially taken the two primary functions of Government and swung them 180-degrees; that is, the Socialist-Democratic agenda seeks to protect those who do evil and punish those who do good.  Without a return to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and obedience to His edicts, America will continue on the path to self-destruction/implosion.


America is in very serious trouble and I fear that Mr. Trump is simply a finger in the fractured proverbial dike that is precariously holding back the secular flood waters consuming our Nation and drowning our youth. The KEY to “Making America Great Again” is a changed heart which is ONLY possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Without God as the Authority in our heart and in our Government, we are hopeless!

babyonbible       V.god is dead

Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

on patrol in my ship

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