Questions for “The Five” on Fox News

I’m a retired 31-year veteran of the Houston Police Department and a former Marine Infantryman.  Yesterday, Thursday, 12/15/16, I was watching your excellent coverage of the refugees/victims/children devastated by the horrific war in Syria, namely Aleppo.

I watched with great interest as Juan Williams expressed his tearful summation of how sad and tragic the situation was in Aleppo and it was readily apparent that Juan was physiologically and psychologically moved by the video of the orphan children.

May I ask that “The Five” discuss the following stark hypocrisy of the Left, specifically the hypocrisy of Juan Williams as it relates to the children in Aleppo and the horrors of abortion in America, an infanticide involving 59-million American children since the tragic turning point in America’s history – the unconstitutional Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade (1973).

Question 1 for Juan Williams, obviously a very staunch advocate of the Democratic Party, having shown so much compassion and subsequent emotion over the devastation in Aleppo involving the innocent lives of the children there, how does Juan muster such compassion for Syrian children yet boastfully and almost arrogantly support and defend the Democratic Party that staunchly supports and defends the unconstitutional “right” of a mother to enter into a criminally conspiratorial relationship with an abortionist and subsequently torture, burn to death, dismember and mutilate the “American” child within her womb?  Is this not hypocrisy?

Question 2 for The Five: Please read my article below “Left-Right-Hate” and explain why the United States should not document and categorize the Democratic Party as an anti-American, Socialist ideology promulgating, domestic terrorist organization?  Why does the United States allow this destructive Socialist organization to continue when the Democratic Party has done nothing but advocate destructive social issues and persuade the Courts to enact laws supporting sexual perversion and murder of the most innocent – laws that run completely contrary to the United States Constitution and defile the land with innocent blood while mocking and distancing the Lord’s hand of grace and provision from our Nation?

Please see my articles on this subject for talking points…please don’t disregard my sincere question for Juan Williams…


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A War on America’s Police – Causation

Thank you,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

alternate Email:

P.S. You will discover that it was the NSA who released the Emails and information that  is currently so heatedly debated …  this was done because very patriotic men and women in the NSA knew that America could not survive a Hillary Presidency after having been crippled by the impotent and embarrassing reign of President Obama – it was a last ditch effort on the part of Patriots to possibly prevent a nuclear war with Russia.  Just my 2-cents worth…

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