Putin-American Intelligence-Truth? (An Observation)

The “Russians” did NOT influence the 2016 Election process…It was the NSA who released the private information…true Patriots of the NSA who are aware of rampant corruption in our Federal Government and knew that America could not survive a Hillary Clinton Presidency and eight more years of anti-American polices promulgated by the Socialist-Democratic Party, this, especially after eight-years of impotence from President Obama.


The Patriots of the NSA released this information in hopes of preventing a potential nuclear war with Russia should Clinton have commanded the White House…the digital fingerprint so desperately sought by those in the “Intelligence” community will NEVER be identified with certainty…so let’s stop “blaming” a State government and understand all was done for love of Country and love of God!

May God richly Bless the Patriots of our Intelligence Community!

Just my humble opinion,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


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