Democrats and Aborted Remains – A Fight for Humane Treatment in Texas

Judge Blocks Texas From Requiring Fetal Remains Be Buried

Response to article by Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired… WARNING: PHOTOGRAPHS OF ABORTED CHILDREN BELOW – WARNING!!!!!

Like a very famous Pastor recently said, America is a sinking Titanic. As the day of God’s judgment approaches, is there any doubt that our Holy, Just, Righteous, Lord has left us to our own devices?

Texas Republicans are fighting for this “humane” legislation relevant to aborted children and their remains while the murderous, divisive, Democratic-Socialist-Left is viscerally opposed!  Are we surprised at the Socialist-Left’s lack of compassion and common decency?

Excerpts from article:

“The lawsuit argues that the rules serve no medical purpose and are meant to shame women who seek abortions and make it harder for doctors to provide them.”

“They [new regulations] require fetal remains, regardless of the state of gestation, to be treated like those of a deceased person by having them buried or cremated. Cremated remains would still have to be buried or scattered.”

“Remains are currently most often disposed of in sanitary landfills, and that cost is included in the price of getting an abortion or otherwise undergoing treatment for a terminated pregnancy.”

Know this…

  • The Democratic Party is the Party of Death…
  • The Democratic Party is the Party of Sexual Perversion…
  • The Democratic Party is the Party of Socialism and radically espouses an Anti-American Agenda…
  • The Democratic Party is a Party of racism, hatred, division, exclusion and entitlement…

Should these murdered children receive a proper burial or should they be flushed down a toilet or dumped in a landfill? They’ve already been denied their 5th and 14th Amendment “due process” protections, and murdered via criminally-conspiratorial conduct existing between their Mother and her abortionist – must America also defile their remains?  Will God spare the United States of America from judgment?  I don’t think so!!!


Please share this article, thank you…

Rickey D. Holtsclaw


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