Fox News – Shepard Smith needs to GO!

Shepard Smith, Anchor for Fox News, should be ousted for permitting his gay lifestyle and apparent hatred for Conservatism/Donald Trump to unfairly prejudice his reporting concerning President-elect Trump. Mr. Smith, through the use of innuendos and gestures while strategically slanting controversial stories relevant to President-elect Trump, in NO WAY aligns with Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” promise!
This unfair and prejudicial reporting style of Shepard Smith was especially apparent and insulting in today’s 2PM (CST) (12/12/16) “Shepard Smith Reporting” broadcast relevant to the Russian Cyber Scandal and Donald Trump’s reactions to same in conjunction with the Daily Security Briefs and the possible SOS appointment of Rex Tillerson intertwined with the Tillerson – Putin – Exxon relationship.
Shepard Smith very tactfully suggested that Donald Trump is a Communist or Communist Sympathizer with ties to Russia and perhaps desires to cover-up the Russian Cyber Scandal because he, Donald Trump, has conspired with the Russians to sway the election – this, complicated with the Taiwan/China phone call scandal. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
If you have noticed this unacceptable conduct by Shepard Smith, please voice your concerns on Twitter @FoxNews and Let’s send Shepard Smith to a Socialist advocating, Leftist leaning news broadcasting station – there are plenty to choose from!
Rick Holtsclaw

2 thoughts on “Fox News – Shepard Smith needs to GO!

  1. We live in a retirement community of about 5,000 in Phoenix, almost everyone watches FOX as it is fair and balanced and invites left wings to talk. However everyone turns it off when Shep comes on, no one wants to watch his condensending attitude in fact most would rather CNN then watch Shep. Is there anything FOX can do to get rid this jerk?


    1. We should all make the suggestion to Fox to have him replaced with Tomi Lahren from The Blaze. I am regularly insulted by the biased reporting of Smith and his program falls at my afternoon coffee time – I generally wait till Cauvto comes on at 3PM Central. Then I enjoy The Five and the rest of the evening line-up…I sincerely agree with you…Smith needs to go!!! Thanks Mark, Rick


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