A War on America’s Police – Causation

I am a retired 31-year veteran of the Houston Police Department. This article is in response to spurious theories or excuses promulgated by American Citizens and the myopic media explaining why Law Enforcement in America is under attack.  Please…permit me to provide a more “conservative” perspective and let’s stop the Liberal – Socialist – Cop hating mantra suggesting that “blame” rests squarely on the shoulders of our Police Officers!


The reason law enforcement in today’s America is “hated” by so many on the Socialist-Liberal-Democrat-Left is the resultant of a society that has, over the previous fifty-years, succumbed to an ideology of Moral Relativism intertwined with the ideology of Socialism – an incremental, “frog in the pot” scenario that has thoroughly deceived and infected a huge segment of American Society. This convergence of destructive sociological ideologies has produced a society that radically challenges and abhors authority, staunchly opposes restraints on personal behavior and as a result, a huge swath of 21st Century America espouses the Nihilistic ideology that finds comfort and purpose in the admonition of “Eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow we die” – to Hades with the rule of law, “If it feels good, do it!”


America’s “entitlement mentality” and Morally Relativistic ideology believes that…I have no right to judge you and you have no right to judge me…every man and woman is free to do that which is “right” – “profitable” – “pleasurable” in their own eyes – there are no earthly or eternal consequences for personal choices. Any push-back or rebuttal to this perverse and self-destructive concept of “personal freedoms” is perceived as “racist,” bigoted, hateful, intolerant, misogynistic, homophobic. Our Lord’s Commandment to Love one’s neighbor as our self is laughable and irrelevant when the heart is consumed with secular humanism, hedonism and narcissism. Today’s America espouses a worldview that worships and reveres that which is “created” rather than the Creator.


Police/Law Enforcement is not hated/despised due to some ill conceived/perceived notion of false arrests, abuse or prejudicial rules and procedures – Police in America are hated because they are on the front-lines of defending the “rule of law” which naturally entails restraints on behavior; therefore, in 21st Century American society, where the rule of law and whose God, Jesus Christ, are fervently challenged by those espousing the tenets of Secular Humanism, Moral Relativism, hedonism and narcissism, the police and their enforcement responsibilities are not simply despised but viscerally hated and viewed as a construct of the old White-male Establishment that has been condemned as racist, intolerant, archaic and out of touch with a lifestyle obsessively controlled by the pursuit of pleasure, personal freedom and personal lust.

Combine this destructive worldview with the fact that America has birthed an entire generation of Millennials, far too many of whom are discipline-less, conscience-less, moral-less, prideful, arrogant, entitled, irresponsible, violent, vulgar, anti-American, male-feminizing, sexually perverse advocating/participating and viscerally anti-God, we can only expect the rebelliousness, the hatred, the anger, the violence to not only continue but increase as the chasm between America and Jesus Christ widens. Law Enforcement will continue to be the initial recipients of the violence that manifests from an aimless and wandering America, but ultimately – it will be our posterity that will reap what we have sown.


The prevailing “war on Cops” is not only a sociological and ideological problem, America’s war on authority is a “heart” problem that can ONLY be righted or cured by the Lord Jesus Christ. Until the individual American and our Federal Government makes the affirmative decision to humble themselves and surrender their lusts and “their will” for the will of Christ Jesus and places themselves under His authority, there will NEVER be peace in America and our hatred and our obsessive-compulsive desires, our lusts and our passions will ultimately consume us. As Pastor John MacArthur so eloquently stated in his November 6th, 2016 sermon relevant to the Presidential election, America is undeniably aboard a crippled and sinking Titanic – perhaps the leadership of President Trump will stay God’s judgment for a period of time, but America will inevitably succumb to its secular agenda; therefore, law enforcement will continue to be the last bastion of defense to the rising tide of moral and ethical decay.  If you’ve not done so, PLEASE pick up a copy of God’s Word and read the “Gospel of John” – learn of God’s will and purpose for your life and may God Bless and protect the Men and Women of Law Enforcement – The Thin Blue Line.












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Rickey D. Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

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