Trump – America’s Final Stand (A Divine Mandate)


God Bless Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their Cabinet as they take on the monumental task of “Making America Great Again.”  President-elect Trump has clearly defined his “first one-hundred days” agenda and continuing strategies to accomplish that noble and honorable endeavor of returning America to a Nation of integrity, patriotism, unity and “Made in America” pride.  Again, may God richly bless Mr. Trump and overshadow him and his Administration with our Lord’s wisdom, discernment and protection.

make america great again

As a retired Houston Police Officer and former US Marine Infantryman, I am impressed with Mr. Trump’s focus on securing our borders; supporting our Military and our Veterans; supporting our law enforcement community; making health-care affordable once again; lowering taxes and simplifying the tax-code; bringing manufacturing back to America and increasing job growth while stimulating our fledgling economy…may Mr. Trump be incredibly successful in these endeavors!  With that said, as honorable and necessary as these campaign promises are to the American People, they are not sufficient in and of their self to truly “Make America Great Again.”  Why?

The campaign promises and strategies articulated by Mr. Trump to improve America’s economic situation and remedy concerns relevant to National and International security are simply a response to symptoms of a much deeper and entrenched causation, a metastasizing cancer that is attacking the heart and soul of America.  I often refer to this insidious cancer in my related articles as “the enemy within.”

Moral-less America – Causation/Brief Overview

Over the previous five-decades, America has begun a systematic rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ – this rejection of our Lord is most notable beginning with the removal of prayer in our public school system, ENGEL ET AL. v. VITALE ET AL. (1962) and “it was in 1963 — one year later — when the court banned Bible reading and overturned a state law banning the teaching of evolution” see:


Soon, society rallied around the teachings of Dr. Benjamin Spock and Margaret Sanger subsequent to the controversial “Red Scare”  involving FBI Director Hoover and McCarthyism in the 1950’s. For the sake of brevity, I will permit you, the reader, to connect the dots ultimately leading to America’s rejection of Jesus Christ and our Nation’s allegiance to the ideology of Socialism and Moral Relativism that has slithered into mainstream America over the previous five-decades.  Long story short, the concerns of Hoover and McCarthy relevant to Communist infiltration have proven themselves as valid and the Socialist-Communist Ideology, intertwined with the ideology of Moral Relativism, ultimately combined to evolve into what is now known as the Democratic Party of the United States to wit “the enemy within.”

Know this…

  • The Democratic Party is the Party of Death…
  • The Democratic Party is the Party of Sexual Perversion…
  • The Democratic Party is the Party of Socialism and radically espouses an Anti-American Agenda…
  • The Democratic Party is a Party of racism, hatred, division, exclusion and entitlement…

Contrary to the Socialist-Democratic Party’s advertised political platform espousing inclusion, diversity and racial equality, the Socialist-Democratic Party of the United States is a Political Party of death, immorality, inequality, prejudice, God-hating and hatred of a conservative America.  To adequately explain and substantiate these allegations here would require far too much time; therefore, for clarification, see:


The Moral of the Story and President Trump’s “Divine Mandate”

The incredible victory of President-elect Donald Trump on November 8th, 2016 signaled the “final option” for the United States of America to once again align itself with the Lordship of Jesus Christ and remove the policies and Supreme Court decisions that have distanced the Lord and removed His protective, provisional blessing over the United States – a Divine distancing beginning in the tumultuous decade of the 1960’s that continues to this present day.

The Lord has blessed President-elect Trump with a God-fearing Vice President in Mike Pence and the Lord has also blessed President-Trump with a Republican controlled House and Senate with the opportunity to appoint perhaps three conservative-Constitutional Orginalists to the Supreme Court.  If President Trump truly desires to “Make America Great Again,” it is imperative that he take the initiative and capitalize on the opportunity to put into action the necessary steps to repeal…

  1. Roe v. Wade (1973) Federal Government supported infanticide supported by Roe v. Wade (1973) – an unconstitutional Supreme Court embarrassment and shame which is, thus far, a major contributing factor undergirding the torture, burning to death, mutilation, dismemberment, murder, of 59-million American children via the Satanically inspired procedure known as abortion.  The United States Supreme Court has, forever, shamed and defiled itself by its denial of Due Process Protections for the unborn child as guaranteed them in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to our United States Constitution!  Our God has clearly warned that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood and the unconscionable murder of our children is definitive and indicative of a people whose conscience has been seared!  Proverbs 6:16-19 


  1. Obergefell v. Hodges, (2015) The legitimizing through law to protect sexual perversity in the form of “same-sex marriage” which is directly responsible for undermining the sociological foundation necessary for the continuation, the health and welfare, of the United States i.e. the Biblical Family Unit e.g. a father (male) and a mother (female) joined in marriage and subsequently procreating and raising/rearing their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  The vile and destructive behavior of Homosexuality and Lesbianism is abhorrent to our Lord and a shame and embarrassment to any Nation whose citizens cherish honor, decency, respect, morality and integrity.  Rest assured in the Lord’s warning: rampant homosexual behavior in a society is a tell-tale sign of God having lifted his hand of blessing from a Nation.  Romans 1:16-32



It is imperative that the Holy Bible be introduced once again into our public school curriculum and that prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ also become part of the daily activities in public education.  Greater restrictions must be placed on the immoral filth emanating from Hollywood and other media sources.  Also, homosexuality, lesbianism, transgendered – queer applicants seeking service in the United States Military must be rejected and our military returned to an honorable, respectable, healthy, moral and ethical representative of the United States of America.  America’s sociological experiment with “free love,” sexual immorality, Moral Relativism, Socialism-Communism, has failed pathetically and has tragically jeopardized the health and welfare of our Nation. It’s time for real change – it’s time that Jesus Christ be welcomed and worshiped as the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings with preeminence  over all of America!

homosexuals in military

A Warning to America and President Trump

If President Trump fails to right these immoral, unconstitutional, wrongs forced upon the American Citizen and if President Trump does not identify the “enemy within” our borders i.e. the Socialist-Democratic Party and take affirmative steps to end its anti-American, Socialist, destructive, moral-less agenda, it is possible that the United States will enjoy a period of economic growth and a facade of domestic and international peace, but America’s economy will ultimately collapse and America will literally implode morally, ethically, monetarily and militarily – much like ancient Rome and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.  President Trump, you’ve been provided with a “divine mandate” and a unique opportunity to truly “Make America Great Again” – don’t fail in your obligation to right the sinking ship of the United States of America!  You are the last bastion of hope for a Godly, prosperous, America!

“The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes.”  Proverbs 21:1


Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

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