The Left-Socialist-Democrat (Our Enemy Within)

No one will listen and no one will acknowledge our “enemy within!”

Over the previous six-months we’ve learned a lot about the Socialist – Liberal – Democrat ideology and the Biased Liberal News Media with CNN taking front-and-center representing the very definition of a Socialist Flag Bearer. In conjunction with CNN’s collusion with the DNC and secretly providing Hillary with debate questions, now, most recently, their joking about Mr. Trump’s plane crashing, take a look at what CNN considers “news worthy” from these headlines I received one-year ago today as a Facebook one-year “memory.”

No one believes or listens to this old retired cop and former US Marine…but I warn you…America can have jobs for every household, secure borders, low taxes and a strong military…but if we continue to permit the Socialist-Left-Democrat, the “enemy within,” to influence our Federal Government, our courts and corrupt the hearts and minds of our youth via our educational institutions in conjunction with the perversion-promulgating Hollywood-media, America will continue to implode as a result of its immorality and its defiance to the edicts of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not be deceived about this most important fact and know this, America will never be “Great Again” without the Lordship of Christ!!!



Questions? See: Right – Left – Hate and the Truth:

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

me at lubys

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