400% Increase in Loud Motorcycle Complaints – yet our Law Enforcement Community does NOTHING!

Before I initiate the actual article, please allow this old cop to set some things straight:

  1. Law enforcement, DO NOT obfuscate and lie to me that you’re actually “protecting” the American citizen; therefore, you don’t have the time to allot for vehicular NOISE control.  Lie from Hades!  I know better – and – please permit me to ask the members of law enforcement’s administration this question, What is more important than protecting the health and welfare, the daily quality of life of the American public that is “daily” hammered by these irresponsible, illegal, selfish motorcycle noise bullies? – It’s your compromise and ignorance relevant to the physiological and psychological injurious ramifications of this abusive conduct that feeds the out of control illegal motorcycle, auto, truck NOISE debacle in our Nation – SHAME ON YOU!
  2. Loud Motorcycle Cult[ure] – I have owned, operated, maintained, some 31 motorcycles since age 12.  I have ridden professionally for years and accumulated many hundreds of thousands of miles on motorcycles; therefore, save your impotent lies for the uninformed general public…I know you and personally, I don’t like you!

Finally, I have a visceral disdain for BULLIES and I consider the members of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] nothing but hedonistic, irresponsible “bullies on motorcycles;” therefore, please…take you vulgar, arrogant, irrelevant, comments elsewhere…this article is strictly for the vehicular NOISE beleaguered American Citizen…

a young motor officer
Thank you, Rick Holtsclaw, Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles FB

Article Introduction

While performing some research on motorcycle noise in the news, I stumbled across a 2009 article titled “Motorcycle Noise Faces a Legislative Muffler.” The article is authored by a “Coach76” writing in “Biker News” and republished in the “HD Open Road” news/forum. The article is focused on the Loud Biker Cult[ure] in California, their irresponsible behavior and their objections to Senator Pavley’s SB435 motorcycle muffler law aimed at bringing motorcycles in California into compliance with Federal Motorcycle Noise Emissions Standards.

EPA muffler label

Article URL: http://www.hdopenroad.com/biker-news/motorcycle-noise/

Within this article, I noticed the following interesting statistic relevant to motorcycle noise complaints:

“But industry officials are aware a backlash is looming. Harley-Davidson President Jim McCaslin, in a message on the company’s Web site, told riders to pipe down, citing a 400% increase in negative news stories regarding motorcycle noise in the past 10 years. Local [California] dealers warn about it as well.”

hd - turning gas into noise

A subsequent article I investigated is also a California-oriented publication titled, “What You Can Do to Keep Loud Motorcycles in Check,” published August 5th, 2016 by an Amy Bently of the “Press Enterprise” – evidently a Riverside, California area news source.

A Mr. Bruce Farren is quoted in the article speaking of motorcycle noise in Riverside,

“It is a year-round problem on the roads that becomes more annoying in the summer as we open our home windows in the evening as the temperatures cool down.”

man bending over holding ears

Question from the inquiring mind of C-CALM: If, in 2009 (or 10 years prior to the Harley Davidson quote), there had been a “400% increase in negative news stories regarding motorcycle noise…” – and – “Local [California] dealers warn about it [motorcycle noise] as well.” – why is Mr. Bruce Farren complaining about motorcycle noise in Riverside, California as a “year-round problem on the roads” in August of 2016?

Perhaps C-CALM has been incorrect in suggesting that a viable solution to the exponential increase in illegal motorcycle noise is frequent citizenry complaints – perhaps our law enforcement community has become so unethically participatory in the illegal behavior that they’ve become impotent enablers; perhaps our local leadership has prostituted themselves with the Loud Biker Cult[ure] for their disposable income for such an extended period of time that our ONLY viable solution is the United States Civil Court System?  Are our Courts interested?

equal protection

What must a husband, a father, a grandfather do to protect his family from these intrusive motorcycle NOISE bullies? If the police won’t intercede and have opted to compromise their professional ethics by actually becoming part of the Loud biker problem; if our local elected officials compromise our safety by trading our quality of life, our health and welfare for the disposable income of the Loud Biker Cult[ure]; if our Courts refuse to hear our cries for intercession; if our US Congress compromises itself with the Motorcycle Rights Organizations and their lobbyists; if our US EPA turns a deaf hear to the conspiratorial marketing tactics of the motorcycle aftermarket exhaust industry and refuses to enact a National “uniformity of control” by standardizing motorcycle noise enforcement protocol – will it be necessary that a responsible husband, father, grandfather internalize an ideology of vigilantism and be forced to take matters into his own hands? No, this is unacceptable; therefore, where does a daddy turn for help and intercession with this egregious and dangerous Loud Motorcycle NOISE intrusion that is especially physiologically harmful to our most innocent?

child holding ears loud motorcycle croppedtoo loud too bad

Obviously, we can no longer depend on our law enforcement community to actually protect and serve nor can we any longer depend on our elected representatives to have our best interests at heart…perhaps the concept of “serve and protect” has become as obsolete as the edict to “Love one’s neighbor as yourself.”

jacob castillo
This illegal Vance and Hines “Short Shots” NOT FOR ROAD USE exhaust mechanism emits approximately 110 dB(A) under hard acceleration (audible for one-mile+), some six-to-eight times the legal 80 dB(A) “total” motorcycle noise emissions restriction as per the US EPA’s “Code of Federal Regulations” (LOGARITHMIC SCALE) – 80 dB(A) being stipulated as the “minimum” safe level of protection for the general public – WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE UNABATED BY OUR OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY? Note the attitude of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] – for more “attitude” see the following URL:


Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

The Truth About Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t tell you:https://rickeyholtsclaw.wordpress.com/…/the-truth-about-lo…/


for FB coverpolice kawasaki

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