Motorcycle NOISE Beleaguered Citizen Pleads for Help – Police Cower

Yarmouth police deaf to motorcycle noise woes

Posted June 17, 2016 at

Excerpt: “While the public suffers, it’s the police who choose to remain deaf to complaints on illegal motorcycle noise.”


Comment to article by Rick Holtsclaw, Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook 

As a Houston Police Officer, I battled the Loud Biker Cult[ure] and fervently endeavored to intercede on behalf of the vehicular NOISE beleaguered citizenry; shamefully and embarrassingly, Houston’s Mayor Parker, Police Chief McClelland, HPD’s Command Staff, Houston’s Municipal Court, Houston’s City Legal Department – they cowed like a bunch of pathetic sissies when the Motorcycle Rights Organizations (MRO’s) cried “foul” at my 99.8% conviction rate for vehicular noise infractions and my incarceration of the Loud Biker Bullies in Houston.

Where have our “men” in blue gone – have they all been subjected to a spineectomy and castration? Why won’t our boys in blue stand-up to these motorcycle noise thugs who bully our most innocent with their unregulated noise and audibly assault our families? Yarmouth PD, as an old seasoned LEO, I’m ashamed of you! You act like the perverse leadership I had to contend with in Houston – have you also been castrated and made impotent by PC and liability concerns?

lazy-copper (1)

I’ve watched the MRO’s, for many years, cry and wail about the their “rights” as motorcyclists, much like other “special class” entitled groups in America. Then I wonder, where are the “rights” of the American people to enjoy an environment free from intrusive, illegal, dangerous, NOISE emissions? Oh, you leather clad bullies operating your illegally LOUD motorcycles say…”What’s the big deal, the NOISE is gone in a few seconds.” — Hey dummy, NO, your NOISE has serious negative physiological effects on the general population and though our law enforcement community and PC politicians are ignorant of that danger and intrusiveness, you, you leather clad noise bully, are guilty of audible assault on our most innocent and there is absolutely NO excuse for your antisocial conduct. You’re an indelible blot on the fabric of American Society, a stain that is ever present in our lives as we strive to be good citizens, honor our God and raise our children to be productive citizens – you shame me and you shame my America! The Loud Biker Cult[ure] is nothing less than domestic terrorists!


So then, having been backed into a corner over the Loud biker bully-thuggery in our Nation and the absolute pathetic nonfeasance on the part of our “law enforcement community,” I filed a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit relevant to the biker thuggery and mayoral prostitution with the Loud Biker Cult[ure] in my area….I think Mr. Contos and every other vehicular noise beleaguered citizen should do the very same thing – sue their butts-off in Federal Court – the complaint document relevant to my lawsuit is available at:…/02/12/3296_001_7003391_ver1.0.pdf

Questions? See my article: The Truth about Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t tell you at:…/the-truth-about-lo…/

Meet the attitude and vulgarity of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] who cares absolutely NOTHING about your health and welfare, your quality of life:

Oh yes, the naive citizenry insist that the Loud Biker Cult[ure] are “really good guys” who are true “patriots” and “philanthropists,” yes?  NO!  Let me ask you two questions:

  1. Do “patriots” and “philanthropists” audibly assault children, our handicapped, our elderly, our families with unregulated motorcycle NOISE?
  2. Is there ANYTHING that transpires at a motorcycle related “patriot” rally or “charity event” that could not transpire with the motorcyclists atop a legally equipped motorcycle with the US EPA approved, Factory-installed, Quiet Muffler affixed to that motorcycle?

See my video on the silly subject of Loud Biker Philanthropy titled “Philanthropy or Thuggery?”

In the meantime I say,

Kick’em in the butt Harris!  You have rights and the Yarmouth Mayor and Police Chief must learn to respect those rights!

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

me at lubysfor FB cover

little girl at the 2016 steel horse rally
I took this photo at the 2016 Steel Horse Motorcycle Rally in Fort Smith, Arkansas (touted as a “family friendly event”) as the little girl attempted to protect her hearing from the illegally LOUD, egregiously LOUD motorcycles present at said rally in overwhelming numbers.  Hey, Loud Biker Dude with your illegal Vance and Hines – where are her rights tough guy?  I ask you, what kind of a “man” audibly assaults our children – our most innocent?  And why are our police permitting you to do it – WHY????????????

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle NOISE Beleaguered Citizen Pleads for Help – Police Cower

  1. Great article. Well written and thought out. I’ve always thought a ticket for these clowns was not enough…..they’ve modified to be illegal, so sure, write them a ticket, give them a fine, but I would go a step further and also call a wrecker and have the illegal, dangerous vehicle impounded. If we make it costly enough and a big enough pain for them, maybe we’ll make a little headway in getting these obnoxious, intrusive bikes off the roads.


  2. These are the same idiots who put cleats on their boots in high school to make sure everyone noticed them.i wonder if these assholes ever heard a BMW go by . A real road bike and almost silent!


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