AG Rutledge/Arkansas – SEMA – RPM ACT – Discernment?


Hello Attorney General Rutledge, State of Arkansas,

I see that you are one of seven State Attorney Generals that signed a petition or have written the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defending the “Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act.” Your decision to do so was unwise as you are needlessly endangering the health and welfare of the Citizens of the State of Arkansas by advocating the RPM Act while turning your back on the Clean Air Act regulations and proposed restrictions from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); restrictions proposed specifically for the protection of the health and welfare of the American Citizen.  If you were in touch with the Citizens of Arkansas, you would know that these vehicles modified with aftermarket parts for “closed-course-only” racing events far too often end-up on the public roadways and within the communities of Arkansas.

You, your State law enforcement entities as well as Arkansas’ local law enforcement community do very little to NOTHING (as documented evidence confirms) to protect the Citizens of Arkansas from the exponentially increasing numbers of illegally equipped/illegally LOUD motor vehicles traversing our roadways equipped with non-compliant aftermarket exhaust mechanisms in direct violation of Arkansas Motor Vehicle and Traffic Law § 27-37-601(a).  The installation of a number of these aftermarket exhaust mechanisms involves bypassing required particulate pollution control devices such as the catalytic converter system as well as emitting noise emissions that are two-four-six or more times (logarithmic scale) the total vehicle noise emissions as that of the factory-installed muffler required by Arkansas State Law.

Furthermore, you, Attorney General Rutledge and your State Police, as well as your State Highway Police and local law enforcement entities, have failed to regulate the retail sale of aftermarket exhaust mechanisms within the State of Arkansas that do not conform to the specifications of the “factory-installed muffler” as per Arkansas Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws § 27-37-601(b).  Your support of SEMA and the RPM Act in conjunction with your failure to oversee and stop the nonfeasance of Arkansas’ law enforcement community is, for all intent and purpose, betrayal of our trust in you to “do the right thing” for “all concerned” – not simply the financially expedient route benefiting the few who represent a lucrative special interest group.

I have recently filed a Federal Lawsuit as a result of two Arkansas Mayors and their Police Chiefs trading our civil liberties for profit – I ask you Attorney General Rutledge, why is Arkansas’ Leadership placing priority on profit over protection?

Disappointed in your decision,

Rickey Holtsclaw, Houston Police Department/Retired

Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

Uniontown, Arkansas

Questions about aftermarket exhausts on the roadways of Arkansas?  See: and

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